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A revolutionary worry-free stage equipped with ultra-precision tracking and embedded with a high-definition giant screen as well as RGB lights, VR MARS initiates a new mode of VR experience to bring you a pleasant, immersive experience. Standing in the center of the VR stage, you'll immediately get immersed in the mysterious world created by VR MARS.

Extraordinary horse riding experience

Gorgeous feeling that beyond description

Cantilevered anti-wrap technique allows you to have fun in a worry-free way
By eliminating all security concerns, the cantilevered anti-wrap technique ensures that each interactive experience can be more worry-free. Free to walk and explore the universe.
Ultra-precision motion tracking and instantaneous combination
Using the cutting edge real-time motion tracking technology to achieve ultra-low accelerations and decelerations transmission delay, mm-level positioning adjustments over the amplitude of and high-precision tracking. Seamlessly combine the virtual and real world.
Embedded high-definition giant screen for thrilling and joyful experience
The large screen with professional picture quality and excellent lighting effects can display all the player's subtle movements and battle progresses. Upgraded experience originates from the perfect exhibition.
You can do whatever you want at this worry-free VR stage
This 360°innovative worry-free stage developed by a professional R&D team, makes actions at a heat, including attacks, jumps, dodges and other actions, allowing you to explore the unknown world and march forward freely!

Go back to the battlefield and combat

face to face with the fierce enemies.

  • HMD with fabulous immersive feelings
    125° bionic field of view angle, provid
    ing 720 ° panoramic view real-time screen, free vision without dead ends,the fuzzy virtual and realistic environ ment boundaries brings you unprecedented sights.
  • Multi-degree of Freedom Platform to Add Sense of Reality
    A speed range from 10mm/s to 167mm/s could be adjusted at will, while the greatest authentic feeling of motion is to be created by the slants, twisting, waves and 360° rotations of it.
  • Personal customization Continuous excellence
    Consisting of hundreds of professionals, the
    senior content development team custom
    izes specific VR Horse games, where users
    can go back to the wartime and destroy en
    emies as generals in the battle field!

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