To conquer the unknown

world together.

The VR world where you fight by yourself has gone forever. In the VR of next generation, you and your friends should experience the fun together! NINED VR PLATOON possesses extraordinary capabilities of real-time networking and tracking, so as to synchronously map all your movements into the virtual scene, where you and your friends can feel the "human-computer harmony" and conquer the beyond-exception unknown world together!

Multiple online interaction

Gather together to overcome the world

Cool controller
New type of control to bring original experience of human-machine harmony.
Safety fence
Perfect ergonomics to double your comfort and safety.


Look all around and you'll feel like as if you were there.

Safety fence

Perfect ergonomics to double your comfort and safety

360°rotary system

Advanced immersive experience now steps further forward.

Exclusive VR games

Gun battle is not a problem more joy

for all kinds of matching.

  • HMD with fabulous immersive feelings
    125° bionic field of view angle, provid
    ing 720 ° panoramic view real-time screen, free vision without dead ends,the fuzzy virtual and realistic environ ment boundaries brings you unprecedented sights.
  • Multi-degree of Freedom Platform to Add Sense of Reality
    A speed range from 10mm/s to 167mm/s could be adjusted at will, while the greatest authentic feeling of motion is to be created by the slants, twisting, waves and 360° rotations of it.
  • Eye-catching Capsule with Cool Appearance
    Designed from the concept of Sci-Fi,
    9DVR has a smooth outline for its cap
    sule, which grants it a one-of-a-kind ap
    pearance and thus grabs attention in an instant.

VR movies with exclusive copyrights,

wonderful as blockbusters.

Provided with in-depth visual display and stunning screen effects, the movie-making technology of 9DVR assures you a stereoscopic effect like blockbusters where you can watch it from any angle. Taking "VR+IP" strategy as the principle, 9DVR develops VR contents on the base of super IP, which ensures VR movies popularities before the actual release, and brings box-office from the fans since the very beginning. Currently we are in possession of famous IP such as Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, Mermaid, CJ7, Violet and Tortoise Hanba's Stories.

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