Integrated operation plan

V of War provides a full set of professional VR competitive equipment, which supports various functions including experience, combats, competition, streaming, displaying, advertising, operation, charging and so on. With no technical threshold, it can be put into use instantly when the power is on, which allows your business to start from the ever beginning of its installation to get into the billions-worth VR market.

VR Fitness Star

Real-time motion sensing
Safety equipment
Fictional RGB design
Giant poster promotion
Streaming of first person view combats

Operation/hosting area

Perfect ergonomics to double your comfort and safety
Streaming an overall match

Exclusive customizing content

  • HMD with fabulous immersive feelings
    125° bionic field of view angle, provid
    ing 720 ° panoramic view real-time screen, free vision without dead ends,the fuzzy virtual and realistic environ ment boundaries brings you unprecedented sights.
  • Multi-degree of Freedom Platform to Add Sense of Reality
    A speed range from 10mm/s to 167mm/s could be adjusted at will, while the greatest authentic feeling of motion is to be created by the slants, twisting, waves and 360° rotations of it.
  • Personal customization Continuous excellence
    Consisting of hundreds of professionals,
    the senior content development
    team customizes specific VR Horse
    games, where users can go back to
    the wartime and destroy enemies as
    generals in the battle field!

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