VR Cinema

Beyond Imagination

Ergonomic Seats

Ergonomically Designed Seat with

Excellent Comfort

Platform with Dynamic Effects

Configuration of electric or hydraulic system

gives users the most unique stimulus

Cool Appearance

Being more attractive with a variety

of appearances such as Sci-Fi

vehicles and camouflage tanks.

Special Effect Devices

With the capacity of performing special

effects, namely air-blowing, blasting

and others, the sense of telepresence

will be significantly improved.

Perfect Screen Definition,

Shocking Experiences

The consistently tough design of the Full HD VR helmet allows adjustable visual ranges to meet actual needs for different groups of people. The HMD supports dual 1080P resolution, all in the VR world will be displayed with more details and clearer views showed on every single picture. Zero delay VR technology allows you to capture the ever-fleeting and diverse contents constantly.

Soar Across the Sky

Not only is VR experience a fantastic trip unconstrained to common sense, but also it is a daring and adventurous exploration. Travelling within the universe from a 360° angle of view and being immersed in the graceful and extraordinary space, users could personally control the changes that differ from the dimensions of the real world, and deeply perceive the technology, their egos and true freedom. Dozens of VR contents create various virtual worlds, where nothing can limit the fulfillment of your gorgeous dreams.

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