The grand Shanghai International Automobile Industrial Exhibition of 2017 was held from April 19 to 28 at Shanghai's National Exhibition and Convention Center. The biennial exhibition gets renowned as many companies launch their new products here, making it China's most influential international automobile show.

Major automobile manufacturers compete during the show by releasing super cars, SUVs, concept vehicles and family cars, one after another, which totally is a feast for the fans. Except for various cool vehicle types, we also notice many new concepts, such as, VR and AR technologies, at this exhibition in Shanghai. 

NINED VR, as the only company that can offer full-chain VR products, has represented the world's highest level of manufacturing hardware and independently developed China's first large-scale three-axis VR interactive driving equipment, which is mounted with a giant 3-axis DOF manipulator enabling the capsule to rotate up to 1080° other than simulating all driving actions and tumble turns, so that you can have unparalleled somatosensory excitement.

NINED VR excellent content developing team has provided assurance for VR contents during this auto show. By simulating complex road conditions under different scenarios, the strong performance of Geely vehicles can be demonstrated accordingly. VR real-time interactions within each scenario can trigger the car's LDW active lane warning system and invoke the voice interaction system. Simultaneously, it can demonstrate the ACC intelligent self-adapting cruise system for a tester to feel the car's excellent performance. 

NINED VR can simulate a heavily polluted world, where the character drives a FAW vehicle, using different technique components to experience various power output for each mission.

VR Base Jumping is a product of 9DVR developed by NINED and Dongfeng Nissan, through which the tester can jump from mountains, fly through valleys, forests, waterfalls and deserts during which the equipment will simulate six senses as wind, fragrance, stream, etc.

9DVR has built long-term partnership with many automobile manufacturers by providing complete solutions, and leads the innovation of intelligent industrial projects. The Smart Travel Scientific Experience Hall at Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou has opened, which provides users with all-sense immersive experience in an innovative manner.

VR has great potential in aspects concerning marketing, design and manufacturing, and there is a lot waiting for further exploitation. It is believed that VR will be applied further in this industry amid technological advancement.

VR is a good solution for offline auto marketing: First, it eliminates the space limitation of automobile sales service shops. Second, it offers virtual test drive free from accidents. Third, it differs from traditional and homogenized marketing strategies. The last, it provides more online and offline interactions.

The VR technology can be connected with drawing softwares including CAD, so that designers need no more repeat work and be able to change the cars' shapes in virtually and adjustment vehicle structure in real time, which can increase design efficiency by more than 10 times. In addition, through the VR technology designers can check the overall appearance and the interior of a car and observe any design flaws by overseeing the details.

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