A World You've

Never Been To

The classic phenomenal product 9DVR, which triggers a great popularity in experience stores worldwide, originally carries out a perfect integration of VR HMD, platforms with dynamic effects and VR contents, providing realistic simulations of multi-sense organs, including vision, hearing, touching and smelling, guiding you into a brand new world by the immersion of virtual space.

A Globally Well-reputed

Powerful Brand

3D Surround Sound

Intelligent Control



Egg-shaped Cabin


Egg-shaped Cabin

The new world is easy to access

with these four functions

  • HMD with fabulous immersive feelings
    125° bionic field of view angle, provid
    ing 720 ° panoramic view real-time screen, free vision without dead ends,the fuzzy virtual and realistic environ ment boundaries brings you unprecedented sights.
  • Multi-degree of Freedom Platform to Add Sense of Reality
    A speed range from 10mm/s to 167mm/s could be adjusted at will, while the greatest authentic feeling of motion is to be created by the slants, twisting, waves and 360° rotations of it.
  • Eye-catching Capsule with Cool Appearance
    Designed from the concept of Sci-Fi,
    9DVR has a smooth outline for its cap
    sule, which grants it a one-of-a-kind ap
    pearance and thus grabs attention in an instant.
  • Intelligent Control Handles Double Your Joy
    Unique arc-shaped design that perfectly
    fits your finger curves, accurate identifi
    cation of the press rate and speed, to further enhance the real-time feedback experience. Feel a boundless joy!

VR movies with exclusive copyrights,

wonderful as blockbusters.

Provided with in-depth visual display and stunning screen effects, the movie-making technology of 9DVR assures you a stereoscopic effect like blockbusters where you can watch it from any angle. Taking "VR+IP" strategy as the principle, 9DVR develops VR contents on the base of super IP, which ensures VR movies popularities before the actual release, and brings box-office from the fans since the very beginning. Currently we are in possession of famous IP such as Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, Mermaid, CJ7, Violet and Tortoise Hanba's Stories.

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