8D multiplayer



The first cinema worldwide that breaking up Perfectly compatible with 3D/5D/7D

Mini experience hall, an economical choice

It is equipped with 6 to 8 seats to minimize costs, such as, court fee, so as to make easy money

Personal engagement
Your pulse accelerates and your heart beats faster as scenes move forward, as if everything is happening right in front of you
Multiplayer battle
Multiple players up or even dozens of people have fun in one screen, enabling immersive and addicted experience

Free control

How the film moves forward and ends, it's all up to you

Profound experience

With diversified topics and vivid storylines, requirements of all ages and various groups will be satisfied

We have the power to help you create brilliance

We have the experience to address all your worries

Grand luxury cinema, a luxury choice

It is equipped with 48 top-end seats, generating 48 times the return. Never has it been so easy to have your own luxury cinema

8D multimedia entertainment car

It can come and go freely, providing flexible operation
Where there are people, there are markets. This flexible 8D multimedia entertainment car makes your operation diversified
With state approval, you can drive wherever you want
This 8D multimedia entertainment car is the only film car model with authorization, which means whoever with a C Class Drive’s License is qualified to drive this car for operation
Excellent movies to attract addicted followers
8D movies are so thrilling and exciting that users will be eager to keep trying, which can significantly increase customer loyalty
Lower cost as there is no store rental charge
The 8D multimedia entertainment car is of high mobility and requires no fixed location, eliminating the expensive rental charge
A readily assembled vehicle without further modification
This 8D multimedia entertainment car complies with the related standard, which means this vehicle is ready to ride as it leaves the factory and requires no further modification

Three main playing methods to

change fitness entertainment

  • HMD with fabulous immersive feelings
    125° bionic field of view angle, provid
    ing 720 ° panoramic view real-time screen, free vision without dead ends,the fuzzy virtual and realistic environ ment boundaries brings you unprecedented sights.
  • Multi-degree of Freedom Platform to Add Sense of Reality
    A speed range from 10mm/s to 167mm/s could be adjusted at will, while the greatest authentic feeling of motion is to be created by the slants, twisting, waves and 360° rotations of it.
  • Personal customization Continuous excellence
    Consisting of hundreds of professionals, the
    senior content development team custom
    izes specific VR Horse games, where users
    can go back to the wartime and destroy en
    emies as generals in the battle field!

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